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When Amy Molk first had her son, Theodore (whom she affectionately calls Pooka), she was frustrated by both conflicting information and a lack of quality toys on the market when it came to fostering early learning. A “Type A” Millennial mom who self-admittedly had every app possible on her phone and had read every parenting blog and book she could get her hands on, Molk (a former entertainment industry pro) was constantly in search of the perfect toys for her little one. Ultimately, she decided to take matters into her own hands with the launch of Pooka Box, a highly curated, quarterly subscription box of developmental toys, books and activities for kids 0-3. Each Pooka Box contains 2-3 toys, 1-2 books and 2-3 activities designed to advance development with easy-to-use research-based curriculum crafted by the company’s early childhood development experts (i.e. Ivy League trained educators and best selling children’s book authors) for you to use as you play with purpose. The first box ships immediately upon ordering and with each subscription, a new toy and learning material is donated to a child in the foster care system. From there, a new box chalk full of age appropriate toys, games and books is delivered every three months, along with instructions and ideas for playing with purpose. What’s more, this year Pooka Box will unveil both preschool boxes designed for children 3-5 as well as travel boxes geared towards keeping children entertained and engaged while in the car or on an airplane. Pooka Boxes range from $49.95 for a mini box to $89.95 for a full size developmental box.

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